* Some of the modern results shows games like clash of clans may provide learning, mental health and social benefits.

* Video games can also provide relief to people with chronic pain, cataracts, depression, and anxiety. Psychologists believe that action-oriented games like Clash of Clans stimulate the decision-making process and increase the production of dopamine and adrenaline, making the brain more plastic.

* Players experience the satisfaction of seeing what happens when something has been well-planned

* Players develop the ability to analyze information and make decisions

* Gems allow too much advantage to those willing to spend for it.

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* Purchases vary between €4.49 for a pile of 500 gems, up to €89.99 for a chest of 14,000 gems. And, of course, you can do as many purchases as you wish. There is no expenditure limit and this could make an addictive player spend a good deal of money. The company that designed and markets Clash of Clans earns over one million dollars a day

* It takes lot of time for each update as you advance to higher levels.

* Videogames of this kind are highly addictive. Players experience the feeling of achieving small targets, but this has no end.